Recording Session In Indonesia

One of the joys of being a producer and writer is the joy of working in the coolest man caves known as recording studios. Ocean Way, the Enterprise, Studio Ultimo, the Hit Factory, and many others are among the man caves I have been privileged to work in. But this week has been one of the most memorable sessions I have done in many years. My session in the Musica Studio’s recording facility in Jakarta Indonesia has been like a major blast from the recording years past

A friend of mine told me about Musica, so I went to visit. I was not in the place more than two minutes and I booked a session immediately. This place is straight out of the 70s. From the 5000 series Neve console to the 40 year old parquet  floors, this place takes me back to my high school days when I first started recording. The vibe was old school and the sound was beautiful.


One of Indonesia’s largest and most prominent facilities, this hallowed grounds is home to three retro rooms. Studio 1, studio 2 and studio 3. Studio 1 rocks with a nineteen seventy's 5306 series Neve 16 channel console. Studio 2 boasts a 32 channel AMR console, and studios 3 is home to a nineteen eighty's Neve 32 channel board. Of course I parked my butt in studio 1 and did not come out for 12 hours 

The owner of this fine facility is one of, if not the largest record label in Indonesia. Home to such artists as Noah, Geisha, Friday and a few others. These groups are among the most famous in all of Indonesia. The are only the latest artist to be born from this label. As I learned from my assistant engineer, the pictures on the studio walls told stories of Indonesian musical  legends  that made countless hits known by all in this country.

As the record label industry experienced a severe down turn some 10 years ago, this record label hung in there and fought on. According to my assistant engineer this label is still going strong. And from the obvious hunger this country has for good music I suspect this label will continue strong for decades to come.


The product to come out of this session will be a brand new Minecraft song and animation series called The Clan. The song will feature dramatic cinema type Orchestra with heavy metal rock guitars to form the power ballad that should go nicely with the fight scene and love scenes that will occur in the animation. The video will hopefully be released about two months from now.  You can check out the video on my Minecraft Jams YouTube channel.