A little about me...

My name is Dwayne Russell and I have been a professional in the music industry for decades, starting my career as a musician and quickly falling into the engineering world. Quickly I got pulled into the producing world, helping musicians become all they can be. As time went on, through connections and many projects I began producing music for film and TV, and that's when I knew this was my "thing". As any passion goes, because one applies themselves whole-heartedly, the end result flourishes, and you can tell! Making music for film and TV is my passion and I look forward to every project with excitement - every one of my works is a custom job, and it receives my full attention. 

I specialize in arrangements, mixing and song writing. Although as a professional in my field I am equipped to do far more, and do regularly, I want my clients to know what they're hiring me for. There's nothing worse than a professional who doesn't know what they do - it confuses everyone! My expertise is sharpened, and my services are clear. I'd be happy to talk about my current projects, and tell you more about me self. 



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