Latest News!


Latest News

BIG NEWS!!  The video training course on HOW TO GET YOUR MUSIC ON TV is here!!!

Check out the sales page here:


Dwayne Russell composition used in this cool You Tube video:


Dwayne has launched a NEW MINECRAFT CHANNEL dedicated to original Minecraft songs and Minecraft animations. This channel is dedicated to his son who loves Minecraft. The first Minecraft video has already been uploaded. New animations are in progress and will feature all original Minecraft music written and produced by Dwayne Russell.  You can see the first Minecraft music video here. More videos will come soon. Please subscribe to the channel.  new videos and animations should be posted every two weeks or so.

UPDATE  Dwayne has now partnered with the 5th largest Youtube network in the world! The Next Gamer TNG network, a division of Broadband TV corp, is now in full partnership.