Ongoing Major TV Credits: 2012

Last Quarter 2012 was quite amazing!  America Now, the popular syndicated news show featuring Leeza Gibbson and Bill Rancic, Played so many of Dwayne Russell's cues that an entire page of his cue sheet was dedicated to just those cues!  We are hoping this show continues to grow in popularity as the royalties will grow as well.

Also in 4th quarter 2010 Toddlers and Tiaras continues to use more of Dwayne's music, as well as Discovery's Auction Kings and MTV's true Life.

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Dwayne will be playing with Reza Saleh at the 2013 NAMM show Saturday January 26th at 9pm at the Hyatt Hotel stage.

October 2012 Dwayne's smooth jazz song Everybody Dance just got picked up for heavy rotation on the Weather Channel.

Second Quarter 2012 has the hit TLC cable TV show SURPRISE HOMECOMING  using three of Dwayne Russell's hip hop compositions in three new episodes.

Dwayne is currently producing the next CD for Talita Doodoh, one of Indonesia's most popular christian singers. Talita sells hundreds of thousands of CD's in the small country. The CD is expected to be picked up and distributed by Maranatha Asia who distributes several of Talita's other CD's.

For the first quarter 2012 we have MTV using more Dwayne Russell cues in the show TRUE LIFE.

The new Cable show TRACK ME IF YOU CAN just used 13 of Dwayne's cues in one episode.

Several Dwayne Russell cues in TLC's TODDLERS and TIARAS.

Yet another Dwayne Russell cue in TLC's reality show SURPRISE HOMECOMING this quarter.

Two of Dwayne's compositions were featured in two episodes of the big DISCOVERY CHANNEL hit AUCTION KINGS.

Last quarter several Dwayne Russell's cues were used on the news program AMERICA NOW with Leeza Gibbson and Bill Rancic

Several of Dwayne's Hip Hop compositions were used on the episode OPERATION: GRADUATION of TLC's show SURPRISE HOMECOMING.

Several of Dwayne's Hip Hop compositions were used on the episode title IM THE BIG GIRL of MTV's show TRUE LIFE.

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Dwayne’s jazz composition, Millers Dream was used on the long time hit day time soap opera The Young And The Restless

Dwayne’s Hip Hop song Aladin Hop was just used on the hit MTV series 10 On Top.

Dwayne Russell’s song Dancing Around Midnight was just picked up by The Weather Chanel for use in rotation.

Dwayne Russell’s organ arrangement of Amazing Grace was featured on the ABC TV series The Middle.